Ethical Considerations

Projects undertaken by the initiative are reviewed and approved by several national research ethics committees before they begin. These approvals demonstrate the importance, relevance and alignment of the projects to nationally and internationally agreed research guidelines based on the ethical principles of respect for persons, beneficence and non-maleficence, and justice.

Our study staff have been thoroughly trained in the consenting process, and other practical aspects of ethical research conduct. All our research participants provide informed, voluntary consent before they are engaged in the study.

As part of the informed consent process, we engage parents or legal guardians to provide consent, before seeking adolescents’ assent to be involved in the study. We also engage school administration teams, to enhance awareness of the study and their participation in the research process.

Our research projects involve use of neurophysiological tests that are non-invasive, consequently the research presents minimal risk of harm to participants or their families. Our field staff are all required to follow the stipulated COVID-19 guidelines set by the Ministry of Health.